Beauty and the Beast Project 2: Beast

My partner in crime joined me in dressing up as characters from Beauty and the Beast. In the previous post I shared how I made my interpretation of Belle’s outfit from the live action movie. I made sure to stick to some of the basic traits of the outfit. I wasn’t so faithful with the Beast.

I’ll straight up admit that the Beast’s outfit, being a fancy shmancy Baroque number, was definitely beyond my abilities. I can’t be bothered trying to embroider a suit jacket. I will also take any shortcuts I can. I don’t have time to even try to make something close to the real deal. So I interpreted with broad strokes.


As I saw it, the basic traits of the costume are a blue jacket with embroidery work on the sleeves, edges, pockets, and the back waist. A pirate ruffle at the throat and lace cuffs. Luscious brown locks, a beard, and horns. Furry mittens might have been a nice touch, but my partner in crime would not do mittens in summer heat. It was bad enough that the jacket I found was made of wool.

I went hunting for pieces to work together in an altered couture style. I went to my local thrift shop found the aforementioned navy wool blazer, a pre-made set of lace cuffs from Elsie Massey, and a remnant of a lace bib taken from a turn of the century style blouse.


Shopping thrift means that there isn’t much luxury of choice. I was looking for a skirt, blouse, or dress with embroidery that could be cut out and appliquéd on top of the jacket. I wanted gold or yellow flowers, maybe roses, to go with the look and the Beauty and the Beast rose theme. This skirt was what suited best from the choices available.


I was already playing fast and loose. I was going to make this look Baroque. I cut out strips of roses and border and laid them out on the jacket. When I had the look I wanted, I sewed them on along the edges. Just like the Belle outfit, I left the edges rough.

I made some horns out of wire. I made them ‘freestyle’ meaning I started twisting a length of wire into shape and this is what came out. Then I repeated it for the other horn trying to make them as symmetrical as possible when going off of no premeditated design.


The horns went on with a ribbon woven through the bottoms and tied around like a headband.

The old lace bib went pinned on a button up shirt like a tie under the collar (not pictured).


There is a sweet irony to this outfit. Less time and work went into it. It was a lot simpler and a much looser interpretation of the costume than the Belle one was. Notice the brown slacks and printed snap shirt. The colors are off and he refused to wear luscious locks. Still, when we were at the event, his outfit was a huge hit. Everyone seemed to know who he was, he got all the compliments and people loved the horns. I was just his sidekick.

I wasn’t offended as I had made both outfits, but it struck me how the one which was made more casually and even less faithfully made the better impression.


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