Winter Fashion-Winter Weather Gear

Don’t let the winter blues get you down right in the middle of winter. Embrace the season and show it with style. Today I have a perfect look for making it through to spring.

Winter Weather Gear

Dress up for facing the blustery winter storms coming through most of the country. Let’s talk about the foundation layers first. They don’t matter. Wear what’s comfortable. From granny panties to no knickers at all, no one is going to see them and unless you are into polar bear dives, you’re probably not going to strip down in a snow storm.

So, give yourself a confidence boost and wear your favorite underpants. While you are at it, wear whatever you like for your shirt and pants base layer. Wear your jammies, yoga pants, or sweats. No one will see that layer either. Come on. Your going to be outside and it’s below freezing. Get crazy and put on whatever the heck you want.

If you are particularly sensitive to cold, throw on some jeans over those cozy leggings you slept in. Everyone is layered out there, so no one is going to look slim. Blame any puffiness on the actual puffiness of your outer layers.


If you haven’t got it yet, this look is all about layering. Add a layer of fleece or wool, or both for that ever so important torso area. Grannies might be right about keeping your back warm, so don’t skimp. For this example, we have blue polar fleece and a wool blend sweater. They don’t quite go together, but the rule of thumb to follow is it makes no difference because no one will see it under a zipped up jacket. Be practical and be warm.

Finally, the pieces de resistance, the outerwear. This, people will see, if there are other people crazy enough to go out there in this freezing weather. What’s the key? Get neutral colors. This way, no matter which ones you throw on over, they will always match. If you are being practical, you are going to choose what works for that weather report. If you care for that matchy-matchy look you won’t sacrifice a thing for functionality.

On this ensemble, we’ve gone with waterproof white, faux fur-lined snow boots, black wind and water resistant nylon shell pants, and a hooded, down puffy jacket. That’s a jacket so good for winter, it had to get patched up rather than tossed. Accessorize with gray wool, fleece-lined convertible mittens, because how can anyone be without touch access to their phones these days?

Side note: Most of these items were picked up on deep clearance or at Goodwill. Yet don’t they look fancy? Be smart with your money.

Now put on your favorite lip gloss and go outdoors to embrace the freaking cold, gray days ahead. While everyone else is shivering and dashing through the dingy snow, walk tall and at your leisure as you remain toasty and smug in the knowledge that you are still wearing your favorite pajamas and no one has a clue.


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