Patching Up a Down Jacket, Literally

I love my down jacket. I see it as an investment. It’s a light jacket with a hood that keeps me warm all winter long. I don’t need extra layers or a hat or other jackets. This one jacket does it all. It also folds up small if it’s that time of the year when you go out with a jacket and then it gets too warm to wear.

This is my third winter with it and I’ve had no need for another jacket in all this time. When I put a hole in it a couple of weeks ago, I just couldn’t toss it. This jacket is too nice, too warm, and keeps my wardrobe simple. I had to try to fix it.


It’s made of a thin synthetic fabric, so there was no easy solution, especially as iron-on is out of the question. Also because the hole is in an unfortunate place, centered on the most prominent place on any girl’s front.


Nothing using heat would work because of it’s poly fabric. The material is so thin, that subtle stitching wouldn’t work either. I decided to try putting a patch on it. The worst that could happen is that I would ruin it, but hey, it was already ruined.

Do you know how hard it was to find the right patch? Most patches are round which wasn’t going to be a good choice if I still wanted to wear this to work or church. A circle would just highlight the unfortunate placement of the hole. Cut out patches posed two problems. One was finding one I could love as I felt many were kind of out-dated. The second problem was the intricacy of the outline would mean a whole lot more careful stitching.

I finally went with a spaceman patch from Mokuyobi shaped like a home base. It was big enough to cover whatever reinforcement stitching I might need and could be shifted up so as not to be centered over this troublesome spot.


I also thought it was appropriate because I’ve often thought my gray jacket looked like it might be a spaceman’s jacket. This patch came with a fun Guide for Patches printed on the back. I definitely had to go with Plan B.

But first, I reinforced the hole going around it in straight stitch and then filling the area with a zig-zag stitch. I wasn’t sure I should just go through all the layers, but based on how the professional stitches did just that, I did too. It felt lazy, but it needed the strength of the layers.


I also neglected to be neat as the spot would be soon hidden.


I stitched around the edge, and voila!


It’s not so obvious over the ‘girly’ part, looking more like a badge. I am seriously considering embracing the space jacket idea with a space-themed circular patch on the upper arm, and maybe a NASA patch somewhere else.

At least I can now resume wearing my super warm investment jacket without any shame for the obvious hole. Shame for the imperfect stitching might still occur, but that’s easier to blow off.

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